Project Description

Angela Zheng

This series of photographs present florals in a surreal setting.  I am drawn to the beauty of flowers, which are so varied in their form, detail, and

colour. The camera allows me to focus on different ways of seeing flowers and I am especially interested in emphasizing perspectives that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  The black and white series, “Flames”, is of carnation flowers but the images evoke fire flickering, emphasizing a duality between carnations and flames. In the colour series, “Dream in Colour”, I use the camera to emphasize the vibrant colours in the carnation petals.

 I am a member of Gallery 1313 and my work has been published in Blank Spaces, Existere, and Carte Blanche magazine. My work has been shown in Gallery 1313 (Toronto) and Studio K2 (Hamilton). I’m based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Social media: @insta_angela5  (instagram)