Project Description

Dawn Bank

Oil Paint, Miniatures

Dawn was born and raised in Toronto, ON. She spent most of her summers in Muskoka exploring nature and its surroundings. She is a self-taught artist that soaks in the world around her.

Throughout her life, Dawn has always been fascinated be the images that surround her and how the world is represented through the differences. Naturally, she was drawn to art. Dawn began her art journey with acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Since then, she has ventured into other mediums such as photographing, resin, polymer clay and soft woods. Having recently entered the world of miniatures, she has found an addictive passion that tests her skills in a variety of mediums. 

Dawn lives and works in Brantford, ON and runs an in home gallery by appointment and continues to sell her works online through social media. 

Dawn Bank ‘could never imagine a world without art’. Could you?