Project Description


Ella Balkwill

Ella’s creative roots began as a teenager when she was designing and creating her own clothing.  This evolved into drapery making and eventually became a successful interior design business.  Luckily, the universe rose up and directed her back to her passion and has her now focused on creating art.

Through being true to herself she skirted the draw of acrylic painting searching for a more natural, intuitive outlet to her unquenchable curiosity. Her outlet was found in oil and cold wax medium and her inspiration usually comes from colours and textures in nature.  Time disappears and she finds herself creating layers, overlapping and scraping away to reveal interesting and beautiful combinations of glorious colour and texture somewhat the way a sunset ebbs and flows through the setting sun.  There is a definite freedom of thought, creativity and expression. The surprise of what emerges from the lack of control, direction and starting with a specific idea means everything to her.

Because of the variety of texture and layers in cold wax and oil  and the technique of letting previous layers and textures show through the surface, paintings done in this medium are naturally rich in complexity.  In most cases, she finds that it works well for her to create many marks, textures and shapes, then she can take this complexity and edits it down until only what seems essential is left.  The simplest composition will ring with complexity due to the process of its creation.  Ella thinks  this process mirrors life as well.  We usually have to live through complex periods of change and emotion before we can begin to embrace our art of living.

The results are works of Abstract Expressionism  created to effect peace and calm to inspire and heal. She starts with an inspirational word written on each piece believing that once a painting is completed it has a life of its own, knowing that the energy of the message will resonate with the viewer.