Project Description


Gail Burstyn

Life in Splatters

Gail Burstyn’s primary artistic expression over the past 25 years, has been through the lens of a camera.
Nature was her first love, and subject matter, and remains so today.  Having lived near Algonquin Park, surrounded by the rugged beauty and living on one of the numerous lakes in the area for 17  years,  she was drawn to the striking beauty of landscapes.
Having recently developed issues with her eyesight,  making it difficult to shoot and edit photographs, she searched for another creative outlet.

Returning to her true muse, nature, she began to experiment with abstract acrylic art. as a means to continue her lifelong love of capturing beauty.

Her relationship with the natural world evolves and changes.   More recently she has become more sensitive to the formal aspects of light, shape, line, colour and texture, holding these things up for greater appreciation – not only what is seen, but what is felt.