Project Description

Janice Barber

Nature, wonderment, bold and sweet are the words that epitomize the creative world that Janice Barber seeks to create in all her art pieces.  She draws inspiration from everyday experiences like when she is ‘awed’ by the gentle strokes and swirls that the clouds make as they glide across the sky, or the rhythmic swaying that the tall grass is evoked by the breeze as she drives her children to school, and the complex pathways that is created by the grain of wood on a log.  

What is especially exciting is creating out of the combination of sensations, like that moment when one indulges in the delectable buttercream icing while eating a cupcake and noticing the velvet texture in your mouth and portraying this on a canvas. 

Her illustrations evoke the child-like feelings of marvel and curiosity as she invites you into a place of discovering something whimsical.  

Her wide travel of the world from Bali, to Australia and the Philippines have lent her witness to various vibrant sunsets and the meeting of many peoples making the production of her work unique. 

To refine her communication through her inspirations, Janice furthered her skills and techniques by studying graphic design at the Ontario College of Art and Design in the heart of downtown Toronto as well as studied illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville making her experienced in using different media and platforms to use.  

She now resides in Paris, Ontario in a century old quaint farmhouse by the pond, with her husband, 3 children, dog, cat and chickens.