Project Description

Vanessa Simone

Geometric Art

Vanessa Simone (Brantford, Canada) has been creating geometric artwork since 2006. Daughter of local sensation and legendary soft sculpture artist Deborah Downey and prominent community leader and entrepreneur David Downey, Simone grew up surrounded by incredibly detailed artwork and technical engineering which led to her own natural evolution into geometric artwork on Isometric paper. 

Her artwork is a personal investigation into representations of situations as well as depictions and ideas that can only be realized in her meditative artwork. By examining the strong psychic and intuitive energy that is the daily life experience of her empathic soul, Simone uses that in alignment as she creates her vibrational pieces. 

When viewing Simone’s artwork it is best to clear the mind and practice slow deep breaths. This allows for the energy of the artwork to present itself truly and allow a peaceful almost trance-like state wash over the viewer to feel the full, delightful effect of universal alignment that is used to create her artwork. 

It is the goal of the artist for her audience to feel this abundant energy, divine alignment in the universe, and the peace of mindfulness that comes from meditative thinking. 

Simone’s 100lb Isometric paper is specially commissioned and printed by local business Thompson Printing, Paris, ON.